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"Puffkins 2" Plush Bean Bag Characters from Swibco

"Puffkins 2"  Plush Bean Bag Characters from Swibco
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"Puffkins 2"  Plush Bean Bag Characters from Swibco
New for 2007!. Puffkins® 2, plush bean bag characters.

These soft, shiny characters are irresistably cute. They sport 2 legs, no arms, and individual poems on attractive hang tags.

20 styles to choose from.

Hopper (frog)
Hopper the frog is very fond,
of lily pads that float on the pond.
Possessing a skill much larger than her size,
On the tip of her tongue, she catches flies.
Elmer (turtle)
Some creatures are naturally shy.
They keep to themselves and never say why.
For Elmer the turtle, life is just swell,
Hiding for most of the day in his shell.
Trego (blk. bear)
Deep in the woods 'bout as far as you can go,
sits a little black bear by the name of Trego.
He likes eating honey with his old uncle Benny.
Instead he found bees and said, "Yikes!" There are many!
Pandora (panda)
Pandora the panda is a curious bear.
She asks lots of questions like, "Why, how, and where?"
Her cousin Peter had her present to hide.
But, she found the box quickly and looked right inside.
Kokie (koala)
Hanging from branches and climbing up trees,
Kokie the koala observes all she sees.
From kangaroos in the great outback,
To sharks in the ocean, trolling for snacks.
Duncan (dog)
Quietly hiding and sly as a fox,
Duncan anxiously awaits the squeak of the mailbox.
He pounces the door, giving the mailman a fright.
But, thankfully, he is all bark and no bite!
Destiny (wh. rabbit)
Lucky was fast but Destiny could jump high.
Her brother looked on and it seemed she could fly.
Higher and higher she bounded one day,
Until a wind caught her and blew her away.
Beverly (beaver)
Beverly always used her teeth to saw wood.
Her favorite hobby 'til her dentist said, "No good!"
Her mouth full of sawdust was quite a sight.
But, now her chainsaw does the job right.
Chippy (squirrel)
With a flick of her tail and a click from her mouth,
Chippy collects nuts as the birds fly south.
All through the winter she sits in her tree,
Marveling at all there is to see.
Bailey (cat)
"Bailey is a very special cat!"
Of course, it's her mother, Paws, who says that.
You'll believe it is true as she jumps in your lap,
Falling to sleep for a quick cat-like nap.
Cheyenne (raccoon)
Sneaking around in the middle of the night,
this raccoon likes to stay out of sight.
But, listen closely by the light of the moon,
And you just might hear Cheyenne whistle a tune!
Jack Quack (duck)
Waddle, waddle 'round the track.
There goes the duck known as Jack Quack.
No one seems to wonder why,
He has to run when he could fly.
Dillon (lion)
This lion prefers to be alone.
He's perched on a hill like a king on his throne.
With a mane of hair so hard to ignore,
Dillon rules the jungle with a mighty roar.
Terence (tiger)
Why should lions always get to be king?
A question like this is a serious thing.
Terence the tiger would like to know why,
And who wants to argue with this guy?
Truffles (pig)
With a splash in the mud and an "Oink," from his snout,
Truffles can be found rolling about.
After laughing and playing in muddy delight,
He takes a hot bath and sleeps through the night.
Molly (mouse)
"No one can have as much fun as I do,"
Says Molly the mouse. And that might be true.
With laughter and giggles, she's a great fun-filled friend,
Who'll stick by your side, true blue 'til the end.
Gomer (gorilla)
Gomer is a unique gorilla.
His favorite ice cream is French vanilla.
He eats it with hot fudge on top of a cone.
While sitting next to a lake on a stone.
Emerson (elephant)
A more talented elephant you won't likely meet.
Emerson covers lots of ground on his feet.
Picking things up all over the land,
he uses his trunk like we use our hand.
Barnie (cow)
Barnie the cow enjoys going to school.
Miss Meadow, her teacher, is awesome and cool.
Barnie's mom packed her favorite lunch for the day.
She looked in her lunch box and found lots of hay.
Peabody (penguin)
All dressed up for a night on the town,
Peabody really gets around.
While wearing a tux, his favorite outfit,
He charms everyone with his wit!
Otto (owl)
When walking through the woods at night,
you're likely to see a bird in flight.
It's just an owl whose name is Otto.
He flies through the night. "Hoot!" Is his motto.
Garlic (skunk)
A white stripe adorns this skunk's back,
while the rest of her fur is a deep, dark black.
Some plug their noses and give a cold shoulder.
But, Garlic knows that beauty is in the nose of the beholder.
Beatrice (ladybug)
Making her home among the flowers,
Beatrice sits for hours and hours.
When she needs to get away for awhile,
She spreads her wings and flies in style.